Escape Rooms in Gravesend for you to try and solve the puzzles to get free

Looking for escape rooms in Gravesend , then check out these amazing escape rooms Gravesend has to try, they are great for a family day out, in the evening, at weekends, or during the school holidays.

Check out all the amazing Gravesend Escape Rooms choices:

Best Escape Rooms Gravesend Has To Offer

The Panic Room Gravesend

7 Berkley Cres, Gravesend DA12 2AH

A world-famous escape room in Gravesend. What started as a husband and wife dream back in 2015, has grown and created dozens of exciting multi-award-winning experiences over the last 6 years.

So much so, that they are now one of the UK’s largest Escape Room centres with over 14 experiences to choose from.

Leaving you one question…Which adventure will you go on? There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for family-friendly adventures, horror experiences or if you even fancy being a detective, they have you covered.

One of the rooms is called Old Father Time.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Old Father Time – The master of the most powerful force of nature – has gone missing!

Without him, the clocks won’t reset at midnight and the sands of time will run out – permanently. The effects have already started – the forest creatures have started turning to stone, and in 60 minutes, the waves of time will cease to ripple and the rest of the world will follow suit!

Start a new chapter and work together to explore a beautiful tree cabin straight from the pages of a fantasy novel to discover the secrets inside. A mystical fairy tale escape room awaits where time is more important than ever!

This award-winning room is perfect for adults and kids alike.

For more information or to book visit The Panic Room Gravesend

TimeLock’d Escape Rooms

Kraft Industrial Estate, Northfleet, Gravesend DA11 9SR

TimeLock’d Escape Rooms put you in the middle of a real-life adventure you’ll never forget! Work together with your team to find clues, solve puzzles and escape before the time runs out!

The X-Scape Factor is for 2 – 4 Players:

Wanna be a pop star?! You are the next big pop act in line for a multi million dollar recording contract!

You are about to arrive at the recording studio to finish recording your first hit song! Your song is going to be the hit of the century, but renowned record producer and ex gangster Big Frank Delio (known for his lucrative past) has heard the track and wants his name on that record!

He wants his own pop act to take control and steal that recording contract away from you!

Mack your recording engineer has suspiciously disappeared! You have one hour to finish recording your hit song and you must find and sign that record contract before Big Frank arrives with his mob and takes everything away from you!!

For more information or to book visit TimeLock’d Escape Rooms

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