Escape Rooms in Derby for you to try and solve the puzzles to get free

Looking for escape rooms in Derby , then check out these amazing escape rooms Derby has to try, they are great for a family day out, in the evening, at weekends, or during the school holidays.

Check out all the amazing Derby escape rooms choices:

Best Escape Rooms Derby Has To Offer

The Escape Room Guys

1-5, Iron Gate, Derby DE1 3FJ

The Escape Room Guys in Derby have rooms packed with challenges and a time limit of 60 minutes.

Work as a team and you might just succeed. This interactive puzzle-based experience is based in the Cathedral Quarter, Derby. There are rooms such as the Grand Heist. Your target is a high security bank based in Derby.

A large deposit has been tracked so it is time to get the old team back together for one final heist. You have just 60 minutes worth of access to the facility. Use your time wisely.

For more information and to book visit The Escape Room Guys

Unescapable Escape Room Derby

25 Wardwick, Derby DE1 1HA

Project Unescapable is a great way to develop as a team through unregulated human testing in a fun and challenging environment.

You’ll be taking part in an Escape Room experience, you’ll be locked in a room where you must solve puzzles and clues in order to escape within the time limit (60 minutes).

There is a gamesmaster dedicated to every game, so if you get stuck or veer off course they can give you hints to try to help you to escape in time. The rooms are designed for teams of between 2 and 7 players.

Naturally, 2 players may find it more difficult to escape than a team of 7… 2 heads are better than one, but 7 are better than 2.

For more information and to book visit Unescapable Escape Room Derby

Make Your Escape

4 Osmaston Rd, Derby DE1 2HR

With your friends or family, you have one simple goal: to work together to escape a locked room.

Each room is themed and follows an original story which unfolds around you.A series of puzzles, hidden objects and mysteries make up the story, and only common sense, communication and teamwork will help you escape!

These bespoke games are exciting, fun and challenging, and incorporate immersive sets and effects.

Use your logical thinking, problem-solving and detective skills. Can your team work against the clock to crack the codes, solve the puzzles and Make Your Escape?

For more information and to book visit Make Your Escape

Escape Game Over

Abbots Hill Chambers, Gower St, Derby DE1 1SD

You are trapped in a room for one hour. It’s full of riddles, hidden mysteries and forgotten stories.

Can you find the clues, reveal the hidden truth and escape the room? These Escape Rooms are fully interactive and totally fascinating!

They put you in different roles, excite all your instincts and awaken your imagination. The Escape Rooms are themed to the last detail to enhance your experience.

They have created a unique movie-like setting with puzzles and electronics that´ll make your jaw drop! Each room in Escape Game Over takes the game to a whole new level.

For more information and to book visit Escape Game Over

Houdini’s Escape Room

33 Packington Hill, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2DF

Located within the Best Western Yew Lodge Hotel, Houdini’s Kegworth offers two unique escape game experiences.

Attend the last performance of the world’s most famous escape artist or escape from a prison spaceship floating through the stars.

You and your friends have been personally invited to the last ever performance of the greatest escapologist and illusionist the world has ever seen, Harry Houdini.

Taking your place in the audience of the Grand Theatre you wait patiently for the performance to begin but not everything is as it seems…

Houdini’s Last Secret is a escapologist themed escape experience in which you must solve puzzles, find clues and collect items to discover the last secret of the one and only Harry Houdini!

For more information and to book visit Houdini’s Escape Room

Deception Escape Rooms

23 Firs Parade, Matlock DE4 3AS

One of the games at Deception Escape Rooms is Trapped. Trapped… in a mind of emotional turmoil, brought on by the death of his brother.

After returning from the battlefield, Dr Papét found himself withdrawing from his life in London and moved to Matlock, to find some ‘peace’ and to focus on his work.

However, a chance meeting one evening with a Mr A.H. Tide turned his life inside out, leading him down a path of secrets and horrors, he thought he had escaped.

Things are unravelling… the noises in the night, the strange comings and goings and the mysterious disappearances are starting to grab the local’s attention, rumours are spreading, Dr Papét was hiding something.

Do you have the courage and intellect to enter his office and discover his secrets, then escape with them before his return or will you too become ‘Trapped’ in Dr Papéts web… Forever.

For more information and to book visit Deception Escape Rooms

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